Anna Scigacz


My journey with yoga started with a “prescription” from a physiotherapist for more soothing and balanced type of movement than I was into at that time of my life. It was over 12 years ago. I must admit I didn’t love it at first sight at all. Sounds familiar?
Some time later thanks to a birthday gift of yoga studio membership, I decided to give yoga another try. Different studio, different teachers, different styles. It clicked a bit more but still not quite got me convinced. I was coming to classes semi-regularly with some on-off periods and somehow silently yoga started to find its way to my heart.

Moving to Asia to live and work in a very high paced environment for a couple of years got me much closer to what I really needed at this time to balance my stressful and fast life. Less gym, less running, less pushing, less undermining, more understanding, more listening to what body needs. That was the time when I got completely hooked – both feet in. 

I still was and still am in a very demanding and challenging mode choosing Ashtanga Vinyasa as my main style. Not being in a rush though. Understanding that it is a never ending journey of one asana after another, one concept after another, peeling patiently those layers covering deeper and deeper knowledge.

After some 8 years of slowly becoming a practitioner I decided it is time to share: experience, passion, love…all of it. That is when I went through my first teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa style following with constant workshops and development with my teachers. Later on I also completed a Asana Sequencing and Anatomy training to better understand the body and better serve different students needs.

In my teaching I want you to understand that your practice is primarily your practice. Everything comes after. You are your first teacher and you know your body best. Listen to it, then listen to your teacher and be fine with any limitations you encounter on the way. They are not there forever and each practice differs from one another. Challenge yourself but yet at the same time ditch the expectations and steep demands towards yourself then wonders will start happening. Just watch it.

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